stone churches of lalibela, ethiopia


The holy city of Lalibela in Northern Ethiopia is one of those once-in-a-lifetime destinations that I’ve desired to visit for many years. It’s difficult to express the beauty and awe of the landscape and the craftsmanship of the monolith churches. I couldn’t begin to grasp the precision and planning it took to create each church, especially after our guide told us they were made with ‘hammer, chisel and axe’. Lalibela is a symbolic representation of Jerusalem, and is known as ‘New Jerusalem’.

We were fortunate to be there on Saint George Day and witness thousands of people visiting the Church of Saint George the morning before we left. Lalibela is a major pilgrimage site in Ethiopia and it was stink in’ awesome to be there.



  • Carl Knox

    Spectacular pics, Nathan!

  • Lesley Coffee

    As usual you did a great job….wonderful almost like we were with you. Seeing with our own eyes! Thanks Nathan