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heavy load

north india, 2010

dussehra festival, agra, india

My last night in India was also the final day of the yearly 10-day Dussehra festival. We were in Agra and ventured out even though it was ‘not advisable’ to do so. When we arrived, we joined about 200,000 people who where gathered for the celebration! Within a few minutes, we somehow got on theContinue Reading

mosque at the taj, agra, india

Agra, India, 2010

backside of the taj mahal

I visited the Taj Mahal for the second time on my trip to India last month, but this was my first experience seeing the backside of it from across the river. I was stoked to shoot there because of Steve McCurry’s images I’ve seen from that side…and I gotta say it was cool. Agra, India.Continue Reading