Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the opportunity to visit quite a few states, and a chunk of that time was spent in the southwest part of America. The southwest is full of age old culture and striking landscape. Below are photos from the states that make up the four corners–Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. 


my 95 year old hero

On the 11th of April, my great grandpa celebrated his 95th birthday. One of his greatest passions is building hardwood furniture, however, the cold weather and some recent health issues have prevented him from doing so. When I arrived at his house last Friday, a note on the front door said, ‘Lloyd is in the back’, and sure enough, I found him working in his shop on his 95th birthday! I could hardly contain the joy I experienced seeing him in coveralls and swinging a hammer.




Varanasi, India is probably the most ancient, intriguing and mesmerizing place I have yet to visit (and may ever visit). A holy city build along the Ganges River, it draws people of all ages and backgrounds, many of which come to the river to worship.