big island dance party

I’m not sure what else was going on the night Jeff and Lizzie got married at the Fairmont Orchid Resort, but I’m pretty sure their reception was the best party on the Big Island. Thanks again Josh!

grandpa ferrell

Early this past Saturday morning, my hero, friend and Great Grandpa passed away. Even at 96, he was never truly an old man–he remained too busy for that. He’s desire to visit his loved ones, build hardwood furniture, travel, read, and eat good food (with onions whenever possible), kept him spry and sharp. He taught me how to really love life and people unconditionally and he and Grandma showed everyone that over their 72 years of marriage. It’s going to be so hard without him anymore. He’s one of the best men I’ve ever known.


big island

Thanks to an invite from my good buddy Josh Fletcher, we were able to fly to the Big Island of Hawai’i where I worked for Josh at a large wedding (photos still to come). It was Stacy and Riley’s first visit to the islands and they fell in love with Hawai’i. Here’s a few tourist shots….