Since starting A-Scribe Images in 2003, I have been blown away by the people I’ve met and places I’ve experienced. It’s been something like 22 countries and 20 states, countless portraits, amazing weddings, breathtaking wildlife, extreme poverty, new-life, corporate gigs, sports events, family photos, computer editing, studio work, photojournalism, long flights, sea-sickness, unique food, Delhi belly, landscapes, new friendships, marriage, kids, a mortgage, gray hair, gallons of coffee, long road trips and a tireless desire to soak it all in and make decent photos along the way.

If you’ve played any part in our 19 years of adventures, it’s meant everything to my family and me. Making photos and telling stories is what I love to do and I plan on doing it for a good long while. So thank you amigos and let’s keep creating. photo ©